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Scotland Hardwood By-Products

Among our products are wood chips, bark mulch, and sawdust used in paper manufacturing, sheet board products, landscape material, biomass fuel, and animal bedding.


Wood chips can be used as landscape cover, paper manufacturing, fuel for biomass boilers and the manufacture of wood heating pellets.  Additionally our clean wood chips can be processed into playground mulch.  Our playground mulch is IPEMA certified and holds the ATSM 2075 and 1292 certifications.

Premium Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is used as landscape dressing to enhance the look of your garden.  It is also useful in weed control and moisture retention. Our bark mulch product is double ground processed to help ensure the quality of our product.


We offer playground mulch that is certified through IPEMA and holds ATSM 1292 & 2075 certifications.

Woodchips: The Versatile Resource

Paper Manufacturing: From pulping to produce paper products & cardboard boxes to manufacturing sheet board for sub floors & shelving wood chips go the distance when talking versatility.
Biomass Fuel: Traditionally used as solid fuel for heating wood chips are affordable, widely available & environment friendly as they are carbon neutral  in terms of carbon dioxide when burned.
Playground Resurfacing: Extremely effective  in lessening the impact of falls from playground equipment wood chips can be reprocessed to be the environmentally friendly alternative to rubber type playground surfaces.
Gardening: Great for weed control, moisture retention & temperature control for soil wood chips are easy to lay & remove in your landscaping environment & won’t get blown around by winds like lightweight mulches.

Why Scotland Hardwood Mulch?
Not All Bark Mulch Is Created Equal: Our bark mulch is made from 100% tree bark of hardwood trees de-barked locally on our premises. Because it 100% tree bark and not just ground up wood Scotland Hardwood Bark Mulch contains a substantial amount more nutrition vital for the plants & soil in your garden. Mulch mixtures that are not made with 100% tree bark contain a great deal of ground up wood, twigs, leaves & pallet wood. This type of mixture does nothing but harm soil health by actually pulling nitrogen from soils & plants. Additionally, it also takes much longer to break down & leaves no nutritional behind as it breaks down.
Benefits of Bark Mulch: Beyond naturally providing the best nutrient value for soil, bark mulch is much heavier than other mulch mixtures. It lays flatter & locks together so is therefore less likely to be washed away or be blown out of your garden by the wind.
Sawdust: the all purpose by-product

Animal Bedding: For household animals such as gerbils & guinea pigs to outdoor livestock such as chickens, cows & horses sawdust is an excellent choice for animal bedding (with the exception of walnut).
Particle Board Production: Many everyday components such as counter tops & toilet seats are made from sawdust and is used as a filler in many home improvement products.
Energy Production:
Sawdust can be used as a biomass fuel in of course a multitude of different ways. It can be used as fuel or as a fire starter.
Liquid Spills & Liquid Absorbents: Sawdust is so versatile it can be used to soak up liquid spills such as oil & paint. It can also be used on pathways to keep them intact & allow for traction when they are muddy & eroding.
Other Projects: Clean concrete floors, fill wood holes & defects, lighten up cement, use as packaging material & pottery making.

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