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Forestry Services

Scotland Hardwood’s full time staff of State Certified Foresters can provide you with expert consultation and forestry services. Our proven success rate offers landowners an unmatched level of expertise. Over the years, we have earned the confidence of a growing number of satisfied landowners upon whom Scotland Hardwoods relies for future business.
Our forestry management program is designed specifically for those landowners who are interested in long-term management plans. However, for those who are interested in harvesting your timber on a one-cut basis, we can fulfill your needs as well.

  • Scotland Hardwoods quality control continues with the careful harvesting of your timber
  • Continuing our commitment to the enviroment, Scotland Hardwoods uses protable bridges as the harvesting continues which helps lessen the impact on wet or sensitive areas during skidding operations
  • We have earned the confidence of a growing number of satisified land owners. Infact, we are delighted to provide references.
  • Our skilled staff of Foresters can help meet your objectives, whether on a long or short-term basis. We follow strict environmental guidelines and will leave your land in excellent condition.
  • Our skilled staff of State Certified Professional Foresters can help meet your land management objectives.